About Us

1Thailand is a premier destination for medical beauty and spas, and with a strong focus on holistic healing, Thailand has become internationally recognized as a spa paradise. Due to its long-standing traditional customs of hospitality and care, Thailand has long been referred to as the Land of Smiles. We, at Beauty Spa Thailand, embrace our title of Land of Smiles, and in keeping to our Thai traditions, we are dedicated to spreading holistic healing to mind, body, and soul through a variety of spa services by our well-trained therapists.

As ambassadors for Thailand, Beauty Spa Thailand opened its first location in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE) in 2006, making us the first-ever Thai spa to open in the UAE. Our mission was to bring the Land of Smiles to the UAE and share our Thai spa culture.

In our many successful years in the UAE and travels around the Middle East, Beauty Spa Thailand has been introduced and inspired by the best of the spa culture of this region and infused them into our services. No matter the location, the aim of Beauty Spa Thailand is to take our clients on a magical spa journey to harmony of health and well-being.

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